The average homeowner’s basement which includes walls, ceiling and rim joist, will take four to six hours to insulate. Open cavities of the walls and areas mentioned will be sprayed. An idea situation for basement wall studs is that they are furred out about a quarter an inch to a half inch. This will allow the spray foam to get behind the stud to prevent any thermal bridging from happening. Thermal bridging – or heat bridge – is an area of a structure that develops a significantly higher heat transfer than the surrounding materials. This will cause a reduction in insulation of the structure. This bridging occurs most often in studs of exterior walls, attics, and roof structures. More about  Rindge, NH can be seen here.

You will be required to have all items in the basement moved away from the walls and covered before the crew arrives for your foam insulation installation.  Any old insulation will be removed and taken away so the new foam can be applied.

The crew will then run a hose into the basement that applies the spray foam on to your ceiling, exposed wall and rim joist. Any excess foam will be cut so the drywall or paneling will not be obstructed. Click here to read about health and well-being of our Great employees

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