It is a spray applied insulating foam plastic which sprays as a liquid and then expands to make an air-tight seal. There are two different types of spray foam that you can utilize for your home: closed and open cell. Open cell spray foam is lightweight, pliable, and very easy to work with, while closed cell foam is rigid and very dense. When coming out to your home, our expert estimators will know which sort of spray foam would be best for your specific needs.  Learn information about  Rindge, NH here.

As much as 40% of a house or building’s energy is lost due to air infiltration. Energy bills can soar if there are holes, gaps and air leaks in the structure. Open and closed cell spray foam performs as and air carrier and insulation that closes gaps, preventing air from escaping. According to the EPA, as much as half of your energy in a home or building goes to heating and cooling. Maintenance of your heating and cooling appliances, coupled with proper insulation can reduce as much as 40%. Fixing the air leaks that waste energy and money is instant and efficient. R values will change depending on the products thickness. Contact us to get the best recommended R value for your home. Discover facts about Best Fiberglass Insulation

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