When most homeowners here in New England hear the word “insulation,” they think of the pink stuff that lines their attic walls. (That’s fiberglass batt insulation, by the way.) But did you know there’s another type of insulation out there that may be a better fit for your home?

We’re talking about cellulose insulation — a common type of insulation that is both highly effective and environmentally friendly. Even if your home is already insulated, there’s a chance it could benefit from an insulation upgrade using cellulose insulation. Learn more here. 

Cellulose insulation has been used for decades to insulate homes for warmth. Since Cellulose Insulation is created from a mixture of recycled paper products, mineral wool, and binding agents to bring it together, cellulose is considered a “green” product. Also, it has been specially treated for fire resistance. It is great at conserving warmth in your home, keeping away unwanted pests, while still being a product for the more budget-conscious. Because it comes in loose particle form, it can be blown to fill any space, including nooks and crannies. This makes it great for attics and walls in new and existing homes alike. Learn more about What is Spray Foam?

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