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Colonial Green offers many types of fireproofing depending on specifications of the building and plans.

Many new construction buildings and some older building are required to have fireproofing on structural members and roof decks as well as other areas.



• Cementitious fireproofing (low medium and high density) – Typically used on unseen and/or enclosed steel and cement structures

• Dry cladding (sheet material) – This option is used to wrap steel beam structures and cement structures

• Intumescent painting – Typically used on exposed structures, steel posts, beams, and concrete structures



“Colonial Green provides U/L compliant assemblies to ensure compliance with regulations”.



Colonial Green Products has developed a method of applying fireproofing materials to the inside or outside of elevator shafts. This increases the fire rating on shafts from 1 hour to 3 hours. This method can also be used in stairwells and many other areas.

Colonial Green Products provides U/L assemblies that ensure code compliance and suit your specific needs.



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