An energy audit is a thorough analysis of your home to detect damage, wear, and other sources of wasted power in the home. From inefficient appliances to clogged ducts, an energy audit will identify waste and help set you on the path to correcting it.

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Included In Our Residential & Commercial Energy Audit


A visual inspection of your building’s interior and exterior, combined with specialized tools for detecting heat and gas leaks, provides perhaps the most obvious benefits. Eliminating even small leaks will have immense benefits for the energy usage of your home or office. Gas leaks are also exceptionally dangerous, and water leaks can cause structural damage and attract pests, so this is important even if your energy usage for gas and hot water heating are reasonable.


Outdated or poorly installed insulation wastes nearly as much energy as leaks, and thus is the second point of consideration in an energy audit. Loose installation of dry-packed insulation, for example, can lead to long-term settling which creates gaps where they previously did not exist. This in turn leads to drafts and a general transfer of heat that wastes your power.


The ducts in your home can have a serious impact on the overall use of energy. Putting aside the obvious problem of leaks, you must also consider blockages, poor design, and other factors which might obstruct the flow of air. This is doubly beneficial, as this part of your energy audit can also identify problems with allergens and excess moisture – issues which frequently develop as a result of duct problems.


If you’re using any appliances which predate ENERGY STAR and the push towards greener technology, they can be immensely inefficient. The go-to example is of course the refrigerator; an older refrigerator can be a significant portion of your monthly power bill, where a modern one barely creates a blip. Heating and cooling systems, coffee makers, washers and dryers, can all waste immense amounts of energy. Even newer systems can be compromised by damage, improper installation, and other maintenance issues.


If you’re still using older lightbulbs, you’re wasting quite a bit of energy. You can tell this quite simply by placing your hand by the bulb – if it’s producing significant heat, all of that heat is wasted energy. Modern bulbs produce the same amount of light with a fraction of the energy by eliminating this waste heat from the process. You may also take into account the potential of dimmers, automatic outdoor lighting, and other technology as part of an energy audit.

Water Heating

There are a few problems which can arise to impact the heating of water. Inappropriately high thermostats are a common culprit, but there are plenty of other problems which can impact the energy use in your hot water heater. In an electric heater, if one of the elements goes out it can result in water that’s too cold and immense energy waste, the worst of both worlds.

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Air infiltration can account for 30% or more of a home’s heating and cooling costs and contribute to problems with moisture, noise, dust, and the entry of pollutants, insects, and rodents. Reducing infiltration can significantly cut annual heating and cooling costs, improve building durability, and create a healthier indoor environment.

US Department of Energy

The most common insulation, fiberglass, does not stop air leakage. Certain types of insulation, such as spray foam insulation, can be significantly more effective at reducing air flow as well as heat flow.

US Department of Energy

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