Crawl Space Insulation Benefits

If your crawl space isn’t adequately insulated, you could be wasting a huge amount of money on home heating.

Whether you live in a home with outdated, worn down insulation in the crawl space, one with a poor insulation installation, or one which predates consistent crawl space insulation, you’ll want to make sure you resolve the problem as soon as possible to save your wallet pain.

Your crawl space, like your walls, needs to be properly insulated to keep your home from wasting a lot of power.

Unlike wall insulation, crawlspace insulation is easily forgotten and ignored—even when you have obvious symptoms of a problem, such as chronic cold floors. In fact, crawl spaces in older homes which predate energy-efficient building practices being codified may have no insulation at all. If you had a wall with no insulation, which felt significantly colder than the rest of your home, you’d solve it immediately—so you want to do the same for your crawl space.

Of course, minimizing wasted heat isn’t the only reason to take care of crawl space insulation.

Adequate management of your crawl spaces also makes your home more consistently comfortable, by raising floor temperatures significantly in the cold months. You’ll also experience reduced wear and tear on your HVAC systems by minimizing outdoor air particulates in your system and controlling moisture.

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Enjoy A Healthier Home

Our spray foam insulation reduces the penetration of outdoor allergens, pollutants, and moisture which negatively affect indoor air quality. Spray foam also keeps all insects out of your home!

Improve Your Home's Value

Home inspections coupled with lower energy bills will certify your home’s thermal efficiency and value. Investing in spray foam will boost your home’s resale value making it a great investment.

Experience Peace and Quiet

Our spray foam has a high Sound Transmission Control rating. Due to spray foam’s complete air seal, unwanted external noise will be eliminated as well as offering superior interior sound control.

Enjoy Consistent Climates

Enjoy consistent climates in your home as spray foam insulation is classified as an air barrier which eliminates drafts, hot spots, and cold spots to deliver a more consistent home climate.

Relax in a Safer Home

Did you know spray foam insulation can increase your home’s structural strength up to 3 times? That is because we are effectively gluing your entire home together making a more seamless structure.

Colonial Insulation

Our products and services enable homes and buildings to be heated and cooled with the least possible consumption of natural resources reducing the carbon footprint of your home by 30% or more.

The exact details of crawl space insulation installation will vary extensively between homes.

Factors such as moisture, the design of your crawl spaces, and your floor type can all factor into whether you want ventilated crawl space insulation, which isolates the crawl space from the home by putting insulation under the floor between the joists, or unventilated crawl space insulation, which insulates foundation walls and seals all vents to create a pocket of temperate air beneath your home.

If you’re shopping for crawl space insulation services, you want to make sure you get the right people for the job.

Insulation can be relatively tricky to get right, and you won’t really know how well the job was done until you see the difference—or lack—on your energy bills.

Our team has the tools, knowledge, and experience to match the perfect crawl space insulation plan to your home and execute on that plan to perfection.

Your floors will be toasty in the winter, temperate in the summer, and never a source of energy waste. While we’re at it, we can check the rest of your insulation and offer suggestions for more energy savings around your home—it’s a service that pays for itself.

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