Benefits of Basement Insulation

When it comes to keeping buildings safe, comfortable, and energy efficient, we know that no stone can go unturned, and no room unsealed. Our basement wall and floor insulation services are among the most reliable, cost-effective, and convenient home improvement strategies available today. With a free estimate within arm’s reach, it is easy to take the next step toward more secure interiors.

“We ensure that professional home insulation is an investment that will pay off, cutting energy bills noticeably and adding real value.”

Closed cell foam is the ideal material used to insulate basements, as it adheres strongly to stone or concrete walls and serves as a lasting seal against air and water. A high-pressure nozzle ensures that the foam fills every nook and corner, for a faultless seal that will last for years to come. After a low-cost and time-efficient investment, your basement will be just as comfortable and inviting as any other room in your home or office.

Make sure to insulate basement floors as well as walls, as your foundation is just as prone to cracking, leaks, and heat loss as any of your walls. To find any hidden faults in your basement walls and floor, get in touch today for a free consultation.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Colonial Green Product’s spray foam’s air sealing qualities combined with it’s high R-values of up to 6.9 per inch make it the most effective insulation on the market and can save you up to 50% or more on your utility bills.

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Creating a Livable Basement

The foundation of a refinished basement is in controlling all of the leaks that can cause drafts and moisture. Make sure to invest in insulation that will last for the long term.

For your Budget

Basement wall insulation is one of the most cost-effective home improvement jobs available, cutting energy bills and making any room that much more comfortable.

Strengthens and Reinforces

Basements often take the brunt of a home’s aging process, as the surrounding earth causes cracks, holes, and warping. A thorough insulation process can restore it to its former air-tight condition.

Leak Protection

Professional insulation will keep ground seepage on the outside of your home, where it belongs, and ensure that you stay dry and comfortable through all seasons and climates.

Warm and Inviting

Properly finished and insulated basements are the only ones that guests and family members will want to sleep in. Make sure your basements lives up to their standards.

Safety Comes First

Spray foam insulation plays a double role, insulating your home as well as giving it added structural stability. A perfect addition to new and old homes alike.

wall insulation installation expertsMore About Basement Insulation

If you are looking to refinish your basement in the near future, make sure that the first step involves professional insulation, which will keep your new investment safe and protected. Building managers know that habitable basements need to meet state inspections which include insulation. We can insure that your dwelling spaces are up to code.

Colonial Green uses closed cell foam to seal stone and concrete foundations. The closed cell foam in fully adhered to the stone or concrete which is a permanent barrier for water and air. The foam is sprayed on at 1300 psi so the all the cracks and holes are filled then foam expands to form a complete seal.

Stone Basements

One of the biggest problems with stone basements is the dirt or mortar come out from between the rocks. This allows water to come through and cause more wash out. Over time this will cause the foundation to fail. Our solution is to fill all the voids with the closed cell foam to take the place of the dirt or mortar. This seals all these holes to stop all water and erosion. It will also stabilize the foundation. Then we apply a coat of foam over the entire foundation which further seals and insulates the foundation.

Concrete Foundation

Concrete foundations sometimes have leaks, cracks or need insulation so that area can be finished. In these cases we apply closed cell spray foam to the entire wall surface which will fill and seal all the cracks and leaks as well as provide the needed insulation.

A free estimate and initial consultation is right around the corner. Taking the time to speak to our professional team is the first step toward a newly refinished basement, or an all-new energy efficient dwelling that keeps you comfortable at all times. We are eager to get started on your next home or office insulation project. Get in touch!

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